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  • dmv replied to the topic Feeling Down in the forum Help Needed! 13 years, 11 months ago

    Just curious as to why you have a bad credit rating? My husband also has a business that we have spent the last 10 years growing – he too had issues with buying investment properties. I managed to convince him to start small by presenting a professionally packaged (by me – computers have some uses ) outline of what I wanted to achieve, my…[Read more]

  • dmv replied to the topic Our first reno project in the forum Value Adding 14 years ago

    Well done Jason and Felicity,Congrats on the well earned break too!So excited for you – have fun looking for the next one (and the next).Drop us a line,Diana

  • Hi Jason,Still totalled but coming to terms with the great info! What you have achieved is totally amazing, here's to several interested parties and a better than anticipated outcome.Diana

  • Nearly there my friend! Hang in there it will all be worth it! Good luck for the weekend.Diana

  • I got 1092, Not sure how accurate it is as I had to adjust our income to our living expenses as we live on about a third of what we actually earn….. Then it was difficult to determine the value of our business and also the value of some assets we hold that are not easily liquidated but will eventually return an income……. And I truly have no…[Read more]

  • I wouldn't say things are 'hot' here in our area. We're 40kms from Melbourne with a direct line commute down the Hume. Prices are fairly stable though rents are high and rentals are scarce. Some properties sell very very quickly but there are a lot of properties just sitting there for months sometimes more than 8 months before they sell. There…[Read more]


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