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  • Devo replied to the topic LOC question in the forum No Subject 17 years, 5 months ago

    Once again, thanks for the info Rob. I will check with the other half re: our interest rate etc (she’s pulls the purse strings, with my approval of course[whistle])

    I’ll get back to you soon.

    Cheers mate

  • Devo replied to the topic LOC question in the forum Finance 17 years, 5 months ago

    No I don’t mind you asking Mortgage Advisor. We have the ANZ Break Free package. Our interest rate is 7.07%.

    Thanks for the info. Thanks to everyone. Very


  • Yer I I know Westan. I knew when I was writing I was rambling. Tried to cut it down as much as I could but you know how exciting talking about the economy can be [:D]

  • We have also just done what James has done i.e. LOC + Offset account however we also changed our mortgage from P & I to interest only with a view to creating more cashflow.


  • Sorry Dvane, I was calling you Dave by mistake.[B)]

    Please don’t hurt me [:D]

  • Hey Dave

    IMHO I believe that this question is actually a moot point should you have done your ‘due diligence’ as part of analysing the property (as far as it fitting into your stratgeies are concerned) will include a worst case scenario. If you can live with the worst case scenario and your sleeping patterns aren’t going to be disrupted, then…[Read more]

  • Two commonly known get rich principles:

    1. invent something once that can be copied and sold on mass e.g. software


    2. compounding.

    I think we’ve experienced no. 2 here. But I certainly don’t begrudge it because as has already been quoted, there’s no such thing as a free lunch and it is fair that people are compensated for their time.…[Read more]

  • I agree 100% Bernard. The adverse affect on the economy coupled with the domino affect that would precede it leaving in its wake many victims from varying situations, would be economical and social suicide. Robert Kiyosaki touches on this in his second book and outlines the events that happened in the States I think, where a similar strategy was…[Read more]

  • I’ll just go and have a look under a Wraps thread or maybe a Trust Structure thread for the info I’m chasing shall I Mini???

    There was never a complaint. I simply politely asked for a refocus on the original topic because that’s what I had requested in the first place. I know you would like to think your advice has given me so much to go on,…[Read more]

  • All I was wanting folks was some info on investing overseas. It seems to have degenrated into a ‘buy and hold’ debate or buying in WA.

    Any chance we can get back to my original request, pretty please[:D]


  • Stafford, Brissie – 10 kms from CBD.

  • Devo replied to the topic software in the forum General Property 17 years, 11 months ago

    Agent 007

    You need to find out what version of Internet Explorer you are running…..You need to have at least IE 5.5 or later which will register all the necessary objects , then reinstall thew application again and it should all be sweet…..The easiest way to obtain the latest IE 5.5 or 6.0 is to buy a PC magazine and it will be on one of the…[Read more]

  • Hi Kelvin

    Could I please get a copy of you CoCR calulator?

    [email protected]

    Thank you kindly

  • Bill

    You’ve definitely touched on something here. Any basic movement in the market that has been stimluated by market changed (due to consumer confidence or lack of, fiscal or monetary policy etc) is ALWAYS proceeded by a lag before the desired affect takes place. Your theory and subsequent practise of, I don’t doubt at all. Data collection is…[Read more]

  • Devo replied to the topic Will the bubble burst? in the forum No Subject 18 years ago

    Correction – not ‘a few 5k”, rather 5k for both of us. resonable we thought at the time. afterwards we thought money well spent.

    Sorry for the late reply Wolve. Been giving it a miss lately.

    Yes I have been to one of Peter F’s 3 day course and have to say it was well worth it. He has a very sensible approach to investing and untilises…

    [Read more]

  • Devo replied to the topic Will the bubble burst? in the forum Opinionated! 18 years ago

    Sorry for the late reply Wolve. Been giving it a miss lately.

    Yes I have been to one of Peter F’s 3 day course and have to say it was well worth it. He has a very sensible approach to investing and untilises many different strategies to ensure diversity is maintained. We paid a few 5k for both myself and my partner to go and I believe it was…[Read more]

  • Aafreen

    Where are you based?


    anybody in this forum offering wrap services ?

  • Aafreen

    It spounds like a wrap would be ideal for your situation! One of the pivotal points in ensuring a wrap works is to find a property that, once the sums are crunched and the repayments are etsablished, that the repayments equate to roughly what you would be paying in rent anyway. You make a valid point re: renting now & saving for 12mths…[Read more]

  • Devo replied to the topic Peter Flanagan Seminars in the forum Opinionated! 18 years ago

    G’day Bribie

    My other half and I forked out the $$$$ and went to his 3 day seminar up at the Coolum Hyatt in July. Speaking for myself, I have to say that I had a revelation with some of the information he imparted. The same way I have learnt so much from Steve’s book, I learnt a hell of a lot from Peter. He’s not selling anything, he’s merely…[Read more]

  • Hi Marvin!

    Congrats on deciding to get out of the rat race through property. I must state up that we have yet to buy our first IP as my other halfd changed jobs recently and would you believe that we cannot get any finance sorted until her probationary period is finalised. Nevermind the fact that she was at a bank previously for 4years and is…[Read more]

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