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  • Originally posted by gettingstarted:
    Originally posted by KR:
    I found these guys recently that may be of interest for CF+ properties. They’re a buyers agent that find properties all around the country & also US & NZ. Higher than average returns, & in addition they have a mortgage product whereby you can borrow money at less than 4% if you…[Read more]

  • cazza69 replied to the topic cash flow capital in the forum Heads Up! 13 years, 4 months ago


    I presume you mean ??

    I bought my first ever IP from them and looking at another one via them as we speak now. Some of the stuff is property they are listing and they charge a buyers agents/finders fee. It is quite reasonable from what other BA’s seem to charge. Other property, I believe is stuff listed…[Read more]

  • cazza69 replied to the topic – any good? in the forum Heads Up! 13 years, 6 months ago

    Also I looked at those US properties too. There are quite a few that are securely tennanted. Did you look into them further. I have had some basic email communication with the agent over there. Will be in a position shortly to look at other IP’s. Nice returns and are reasonable price. Just have to look into the process and financial setups etc.…[Read more]

  • cazza69 replied to the topic – any good? in the forum Heads Up! 13 years, 6 months ago


    I actually bought a property that I found listed on that site. I had a friend who is a buyers agent who found the property for me and has helped me get this property.

    I too have spoken to the owner/manager of the site about another couple of properties I am looking at. Stavros or something I think his name is?

    The way it works is they…[Read more]

  • I am looking at a U.S. property as we speak now.

    I can only get 70% finance and that I was told is the most will get financed. It is a Canadian/U.S. finance company. Haven’t got all the details to hand, but can get if interested.

    The property is only $80000 US so not really too much of an issue to get finance for it and come up with the cash…[Read more]

  • Thanks Stuart, yeah obviously I will seek accountantant advice. I am not seeing her for 2 weeks though so was just asking in general.

    Thanks anyway.

  • Hi Derek.

    Not sure why I cant even ask if anyone else is interested in a site that lists only +ve geared props. I am nothing to do with the website. I just know how hard it was to find +ve props. I couldn’t care less if I tell people it or not. I was new so was trying to make myself at home.

    Trawling – god it sounds like I was trying to pickup a…[Read more]

  • Great topic. This is close to my heart as I am in the process of purchasing my very first cashflow positive property. It is located in a Northern Queensland majour regional center. I purchased it with a 2 year guarantee on rental income.

    Do your due dilligence and +ve properties are still alive and kicking.

    <deleted – trawling> Derek

    Good luck.…[Read more]


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