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  • Carlo10 replied to the topic Empower Group in the forum No Subject 18 years, 12 months ago

    Hi Mick,

    I got a letter from them and invited me to go to their seminar as well. They had the address 99 Forbes street Wooloomooloo. Exactly the same address as NII… Henry Kaye’s company. They might be linked to each other.
    That’s all I know about them.


  • I went to a Tony Robbins seminar Unleash the Power Within(UPW) last year and he highly recomends Wheat Grass juice. He even talked about what you talked about melbear. One of his presenters even showed us a 15 day cleansing process.
    Now I can finally try this thing that alot of ppl have been talking about.

  • I’ve heard that Wheatgrass is really good for you but havent been able to buy some and try it. Where can I buy it from??

  • I love basketball and Boxing!

    I just got my level 1 coaching Certificate for boxing and I’ve playing bball for over 11 years now. I’ve taken up boxing to get back into shape for the bball only I loved it more now!

  • Hi all!

    I wouldn’t mind going down there meet you lot. I use to live in Florey and wouldn’t mind meeting you guys who are keen investors there.

    Count me in as well!


  • Carlo10 replied to the topic Bear. in the forum Opinionated! 19 years ago

    Hi there Bear,

    Unfortunately, I can’t go to the Melbourne seminar but I am still to get enough money to go to the Sydney seminar since I”m from Sydney…. Kellyville too be exact.

    I am looking forward to meeting you all one day.

    Have a great day to all.. I’m off to work!

    Take care


  • Carlo10 replied to the topic Bear. in the forum Opinionated! 19 years ago

    Hey Pinky, Bear, Steve and the Crew..

    Its good to know that everyone here are at peace again. I know that you all mean well in your hearts to help those who are just starting out and I and I’m sure alot of people are very much appreciate.

    I hope to one day meet you all and learn from you guys!!!



  • Hi all!

    I actually of a few people and a few developers who are doing 2nd mortgage lending or what they call mezzanine finance. It is very risky and if the person borrowing off you do not have any assets. You can lose all of your money.
    What my friends did was they saw a solicitor that has a bit of knowledge about it and got a contract that if…[Read more]

  • Carlo10 replied to the topic I need a Mortgage Broker in the forum Hotch Potch 19 years ago

    Hi Judith,

    where are you from? I might be able to help you. If not well I’m pretty sure that someone from this forum can.

    If your from Sydney, email me on:

    carlo10 at



  • Carlo10 replied to the topic E-nuff Negativity! in the forum Opinionated! 19 years ago

    Thanks once again Steve for always keeping us positive! [:)]

  • Carlo10 replied to the topic Ed Burton Seminar in the forum Heads Up! 19 years ago

    Hi there Rie,

    Yeah I’ve been to an event by Ed Burton. It was an introductory seminar for the one that you talked about. His got 200+ Properties and he also got positively geared properties.
    He seemed like a genuine guy whos done well for himself and wants to teach people the ropes like Steve.
    I guess thats all I can tell you.



  • Hi Sooshie,

    Well actually used a few Henry Kaye stategies and got used it to combine with his degree coz he was a financial planner. He still believes that it wasn’t worth the amount that we paid for.
    I think the past few months I’ve gotten more out of this site and Steve’s book compared to what I got from NII.
    Its ok life moves on and learn from…[Read more]

  • Hey guys…

    I myself went to the Investment Mastery 4 day seminar. I am still paying for the actual course until now!
    I went to it trying to learn more about Property Investing and I guess fast track my knowledge because the consultant promised me to hold my hand to making me financially comfortable. After I signed up never heard from the…[Read more]

  • Hi there Steve and the rest of the forum members.

    I would like to thank you Steve for the valuable knowledge that you have provided for us with this Site and your valuable information that you given through your book.

    I have been to many seminars paying alot of money which have not really produced any results.
    Since seeing you in TV and visiting…[Read more]

  • Carlo10 replied to the topic pssssssssst in the forum Forum Frolic 19 years ago

    I was just kidding.. hehehe playing around with you guys.hehehe

  • Carlo10 replied to the topic next meeting in Sydney in the forum Opinionated! 19 years ago

    I am also interested in meeting up with people and get some ideas from those who have been in PI for awhile.
    It would be a great pleasure to meet people from this site and bounce ideas of each other.
    btw I’m out at Kellyville.

  • Carlo10 replied to the topic Where are you guys? in the forum Hotch Potch 19 years ago

    I agree with with Laura [:)]

  • Carlo10 replied to the topic Best and Worst in the forum The Treasure Chest 19 years ago


    Well I’m still fairly new in this so don’t have a worst yet.. [:P]
    But the best for me is…
    Just getting great advice and finding out different situations that people share here have really learnt and plus everything that we get from this site are FREE!!! woohoo!

  • Carlo10 replied to the topic pssssssssst in the forum Forum Frolic 19 years ago

    Hey to all..

    You guys are great! Got great sense of humour [:D][:D]
    I hope I get to meet you guys sometime in a seminar or gathering…. half naked! heheheh

  • Hi Investor…

    What are you trying to achieve with property investing? It really depends on what you want to do. Are you looking for positive cashflow? or Capital growth?
    Have you read Steve’s book 0-130 prop. in 3/5 years? You will learn different stategies that you might be able to use.

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