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  • Thanks guys for the replys. l agree with you both but the problem is l wanted quotes, he did not contect me he just went ahead and had the work done, he gave the repairer free hand with the pool so no wonder he fixed things that won't broken, now he wants me to pay . so my question is am l liable  for these repairs. Thanx

  • Can any one tell me what the role of a property manager is please. Mine has just given the go ahead for work to be done on my pool without telling me and now wants me to pay the bill of nealy $500. As l knew nothing about it why should l foot the bill, and l right in this or can he do that.

  • browny replied to the topic interested in the forum Legal & Accounting 14 years, 6 months ago

    sorry simon didn’t take notice of the dateOriginally posted by Mortgage Hunter:
    You may mean the older archived forums?

    You should be able to access everything current.


    Simon Macks
    Residential and Commercial Finance Broker
    ***NODOC @ 7.15% to 70% LVR***
    [email protected]
    0425 228 985

    Comments may not be relevant to…[Read more]

  • I am wondering if any one knows anything about the Tasmainan market. I know they don’t have section 32’s and the Real Estate agent said he would type up a contract for the sale, but he is a councilor and the Mayors brother, dose this sound like a conflict of intrest??? if so how else can l find out info about the property, he says that they don’t…[Read more]

  • browny replied to the topic Sharing Tips- in the forum General Property 14 years, 7 months ago

    Originally posted by redwing:
    Tips for Investors-[grad]

    Here?s a place for everyone to post tips for novice and experienced investors, either your own, or those you?ve read/heard of that may be of benefit :

    Consider the areas Long Term Growth potential, not just the short term and check to see if there are any planned infrastructure…[Read more]

  • browny replied to the topic HELP in the forum The Treasure Chest 17 years ago

    Hi Nathan.

    The reasons now seem silly but at the time sounded like they would have helped us pay our loan off quicker and at less per month.

    The reason l asked about living in our home while making it an investment property is for tax reasons. Is an invertment loan cheaper per month, if so how or who do we see about changing, can l change to…[Read more]


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