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  • Robbert, you are quite simply just a bitter a$$hole. You are facetious OR retarded as you just say the same already debunked gibberish. You know damn well, I did not receive any money, I am not the borrower, I was the capital raiser and our interests were aligned. There is nothing worse than false hope, my updates are always accurate at the ti…[Read more]

  • Robbert you’re being facetious.

    Check the dropbox folder link contained within the 10th of March update – in it contains feasibilities with projected profit, valuations, reports, letters of offer etc. It is confidential information not for display here – if you are a lender you will have access to all the information, and if there is something…[Read more]

  • Marie, it seems you know ‘of’ me. Must be at least a few years ago as I haven’t worked with Partner Invest (Paul + Frankie) for 3 years now when I left the company in 2017, however, I doubt all those years ago you had a sour experience with me. I am in touch still with most of the WA contacts.

    Robbert, you are getting confused. This thread is…[Read more]

  • People writing these stupid comments are the real deceivers.
    Contact me personally if you want truth and clarification, what’s the bet you don’t, for your only mission is to attack and harm.
    Robbert I know who you are, you are grossly inaccurate, and you aren’t doing yourself any favours.
    – I have not been a director or shareholder of Partner…[Read more]

  • Brad defended himself at court, the case against Brad was dismissed and Brad was awarded costs.

    Not a single one of the allegations had any merit and all allegations were successfully defended.

    The applicant who did take it so far to sue me later told me he felt pressured by his lawyers to advance the case when in reality it should never have…[Read more]

  • This thread is now simply a personal attack.

    These are the facts:
    – My company raised money on behalf of a developer, people lent money to the developer at 20%+ returns and unfortunately the developer had a bad run on many projects. We made it as secure as possible by giving guarantees from other projects so they were not tied to the success of…[Read more]

  • Bradb became a registered member 11 months, 2 weeks ago


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