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  • Ahhh. Mis-interpreted no doubt.

    I’m sure I’ve read several posts in the past from members of VFA saying one thing they’d like to see is title in the wrappees name.

    So… I assumed that’s what you were alluding to.

    We all know what they say about someone who assumes. [whistle]


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  • Scott,

    You mentioned the VFA is working with the Gov’t about Title of the property.

    I’m assuming you mean to get the title into the wrappees name.


    What about protection for the wrapper. They are the one’s who have put 20% down, payed stamp duty and gotten a mortgage over the property. They also guarantee it, putting their own assets (ie.…[Read more]

  • Hi,

    We have a clause in the contract that reads,

    “The vendors warrant that all fixed household appliances, electruc light fittings, heaters, air conditioners, and other associated items are in good working order. They further agree not to remove or substitute any of the same, including curtains and drapes, between the time of purchase and…[Read more]

  • I don’t particualarly like the ‘Buyer Enquiry Range”.

    I recently looked at a property with a BER of 140k-175k.

    With this property, the lower number was just to get people in the door. They weren’t interested at all in hearing offers at the lower end of the BER.

    Interestingly, a couple of weeks later it was re-advertised with a BER of 125k-155k…[Read more]

  • Hi Luckyone.

    It’s being held in Balwyn, VIC.


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  • Finnie, one of our goals is to be in a position where we can work less in our jobs.

    It helps if your partner has the same goals or is supportive of the idea. Bouncing ideas off each other and keeping each other motivated will help drive you to success.


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  • And since when is carparking free. Time to start charging people if they want to park.

    Of course, for realism, you’d have to have more TAX squares (sorry for talking dirty[:P])

    Instead of Just Community chest and Chance, you’d also have a ‘Random Levy’ pile, where you’d get hit with extra duties and taxes.

    A Council Bylaws pile, which might stop…[Read more]

  • At $375 per month, the rent sounds a little low for that area. I’m in a shopping centre about 5 mins away, and the rents here are higher and with less traffic.

    It looks like they’ve based their sale price on roughly a 7% yeild.

    The thing to do would be to compare rents for other shops in the same area. At a guess, I’d say it would be at least…[Read more]

  • Hi All,

    I own a computer store in Croydon, Melb and Becky is a Sales Co-ordinator/PA.


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  • Hi Arty,

    leased at $375 per…?
    I’ll assume week not month.

    If that’s Bayswater VIC, then it’s only 5 minutes from where I work.


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  • Spacious open plan living. Ample car parking area underneath. Solar heating for those cold winter nights. Small deck area for hosting BBQ’s. Magnificent 360 degree views. Excellent television reception.

    Would suit first home buyer with an interest in mountaineering.


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  • BeckyGordon replied to the topic stigma in the forum The Treasure Chest 16 years, 4 months ago

    Hi All,

    We’ve shared our plans and what we’re doing with family and friends.

    Some of the comments that have come back, have been like, “Well, good luck with your get rich quick scheme”, “Good luck getting into debt”, “You’re going to get burnt so badly” or “I hope you do well, I could never do anything like that. The thought of losing my home is…[Read more]

  • BeckyGordon replied to the topic Becky&Gordon in the forum No Subject 16 years, 4 months ago

    Hi Dave,

    Code Word “Banana”

    You’ve got mail [:P]


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  • Hi Slow Boy,

    Welcome to the forum [:I], it must have taken some courage to finally write a post [^]
    The hardest part is over, now you can get in here and ask away……

    A PPOR is Principle Place of Residence, if I remember correctly.

    That’s great to hear that you have 4 IP’s. Have you had your 4 IP’s valued? You might be pleasantly surprised,…[Read more]

  • Hi Maggie,

    You can order the book on this website.

    I think you go to the Home page and there will be a link.

    I am half way through the book and am loving it! [:P]

    Happy Reading

    Invest in People for a Prosperous Future!

  • r2dee2,

    Would you rather work all your life to get a small tax break?
    Pay tax on heaps of properties that has made you financially free?

    That’s the question I have asked myself and money’s on option B…..

    You need to first work out what you want out of life…..before you can decide which path to take.


    Invest in People for a…[Read more]

  • Maggie,

    Even though you are both in a higher tax bracket, don’t let this stop you from increasing you property portfolio as you can decrease you normal job slowly and then both of you can eventually stop work and become fulltime property investors and not be tied down to the typical JOB.

    The only thing that negative gearing would do is keep you…[Read more]

  • Hi all,

    we are also at 0 but not for long. We plan to buy 10-15 properties within 12 months, we have attended both of Steve’s seminars this year and are just gearing up to take the plunge within the next month…..[:O] Pretty scary stuff but very exciting…..
    Great work Slum Lord, you give us all the confidence to jump right…[Read more]

  • Hi Guys,

    I have been around this forum for a few months and I have learnt that their is more than one way to get started, you need some money to get started and it is preferable to have a permanant income when starting out, as the banks don’t like giving out Mortages without a steady income. I have learnt alot just looking around this website,…[Read more]

  • Hi all,

    I have updated the links sheet to include
    The Investors Club and Just listed.

    Have a great day [:D]

    See ya
    Becky [8)]

    Invest in People for a Prosperous Future!

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