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  • Originally posted by Bo_D_:
    Originally posted by L.A Aussie:
    Hi Simon.
    Property can be insured against catastophic loss (not capital loss)whereas shares can’t as far as I know.

    shares can be insured, however its very expensive and most will only let u pick from a list of shares. And then the company has to fall by at least 10% i think.

    Is it…[Read more]

  • Originally posted by foundation:
    Howdy Peter,

    Ignore the sarcastic knockers here. You’re kind of right. It is unfair on some people at the moment. And $300,000 being affordable? Christ, you’re on $40k (which is only very slightly below the national average of $43k) – on that wage/salary you shouldn’t be borrowing more than $120-$150k!

    But here’s…[Read more]

  • arrowsmith,

    You are asking good questions and that is the best way to learn. Only fools rush in. Take heed of what others are saying, but know what you want and what is good for you. Everybody elses opinion is good only for them and their situation, so get to know yours. Uitlise the market for what you want and get from it what you can, and…[Read more]

  • Hello Interceptor,

    I am with you. Watch the US Economy very closely. I trade the futures market and the exapnation the the last 2 years has been huge. China and India are on the move. The CRB (commodity)Index is at nominal all time high, passing the 1981 high. As everybody may have heard on the news gold is testing new highs. The nominal high in…[Read more]

  • Hello everybody,

    Over the past two days I have read in the newspapers both sides of the argument. However, the RBA is only concerned about inflationary pressures, which seems to be more external than internal at the moment. The external pressure is coming from our exports not leaving the country fast enough and bottle necking because of…[Read more]

  • Hey Giddo,

    I always like to have my cake and eat it, of course you need to be creative to do this.

    One way to get both and remain cashflow positive is to buy 3 or 4 CF+ to every 1 CG. You have to do the sums and keep the formula ‘+’. This is an old Brad Sugars strategy.

    Timing is important, the market is very patchy, but get to know your…[Read more]

  • 1. It isn’t how many times you fall over that is important it’s how many times you get up.

    2. Value is a perception that is created on opinion and price is what is paid.

    3. The adivce of others is just their opinion, search for the facts and form your own opinion.

    4. The person who is the most flexible in a deal will control the deal.

    5.…[Read more]

  • Hey Freedomfighter,

    You have some good starting questions and have you considered contracting a Buyers Agent? You still have to do your home on the market. Any great investors knows their market, part of this over a period of time, unavoidable I’m afraid.

    Stick to a limited amount of areas as part of your strategy. At the moment in Australia…[Read more]

  • Hello,

    I am wondering with the current economic landscape what indicators we need to look at in the year a head? I mean the property market can only ever do three things; go up, go down or go sideways. What indicators should we be looking for that when they change so will the chances of the property market in one of these directions?…Will the…[Read more]

  • Hello Helena,

    You are in control of your destiny. Be aware of your limited beliefs. You first need to start effective communication with yourself. Life is about letting go. A life coach is a good start, but ask if they have been trained in NLP (neuro-linguistical programming).

    It is not how many times you fall over in business but how many times…[Read more]

  • Merlin,

    I Know of two. Sean Whelin of McKenie Coultas has done a fantastic job on my trusts in the past or Ray Tonellato of Dean Neberry & Partners (8267 4777). Ray is good with property and works with other developers.

    Best regards,

  • It is always the right time for any investment vehicle. Change brings opportunity. You only need to change your perception. When a market gets too focused in one particular direction or mode you need only trade the inefficiency. In other words too many people are trading the same edge, your job as an investor is to find a new edge, your new holy…[Read more]


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