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  • C2,No real change in my opinion on the US.  I still think its a yield play in most parts and real growth is some way off.  I still also think  you need to deal with reputable people in the industry there or you run the risk of being burnt.  I personally still don't want to invest there because that market does not fit my current strategy.  Same…[Read more]

  • I have recently been buying OS properties with a company based in Hong Kong that has an Australian client base.  They have been seeking out opportunities in the US that represent good solid opportunities which are very well researched.  The name of the company is IP Global.  Once they find a property that meets all of the investment criteria th…[Read more]

  • Some interesting points made here.  As an Aussie living overseas I thought I should say that there are also other places in world you can invest that are not in the same stage of the property cycle as Australia.  If you find the right deal they can be very secure and straight forward.  They do not have to be complicated.  I guess it depends on wha…[Read more]

  • I have invested in a few countries now but am avoiding the US market for a number of reasons.  After the instability there, which still has a long way to play out and some prices have not seen their bottom, some commentators are saying that it will be many years before you start to see some real gains and confidence back in that market.  If you a…[Read more]

  • Hi Nada,if you are really looking for good opportunities in emerging markets there are plenty of other Asian countries you can invest in that are far more advanced and more secure than the Philippines.  I have been looking there recently at completed projects and the build quality is not particularly high from what i could see.  Granted the pr…[Read more]

  • Some developing countries dont have an established mortgage market as we would know it.  As an example Vietnam does not generally offer mortgages for property.  Brazil is another country where the number of general mortgages is very very low compared to somewhere like Australia.  However you can get them in Brazil if you deal with the right co…[Read more]

  • D,There are many different property markets within China just as there are in Australia and some may be more promising than others.  I live in Hong Kong and the market here is in slight decline with investors waiting for the full impact of the sub-prime to carry through.  In Macau there are many projects aimed at foreigners but reports in the pr…[Read more]

  • Hi Johnathon,i use a company called IP Global Ltd who are based in Hong Kong but have a London Office.  I have purchased 3 properties in other countries (Malaysia, Thailand & Panama) with these guys now.  I have looked at a number of other companies offering similar products.  IP Global are really head and shoulders above the rest and take all the…[Read more]

  • Hi,there are a few countries you can buy freehold title in that I know of.  I have freehold title properties in Malaysia and in Thailand.   Both of these countries have a freehold system that relates specifically to condominium (apartment) purchases whereas other sorts of property are leasehold.I use a company called IP Global to purchase these an…[Read more]


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