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  • DO NOT TAKE ACCOUNTING ADVICE FROM A REAL ESTATE AGENT!!Get accounting advice from an accountant who understands property accounting issues. I could recomend Julia Hartman is a regular contibutor to API magazine and has a internet advisory service for a small charge.  I found the advice she gave me about GS…[Read more]

  •  Thanks so much to you all,This has confirmed my doubts about going through with this uncrossing of the properties at this point in time, as the bank valuation of the IP came in lower than needed for it to be stand alone at LVR 80%.The Mortgage Broker I am dealing with is not putting my interests first in continuing with the uncrossing of…[Read more]

  • abbruzzi replied to the topic sam saggers in the forum Heads Up! 14 years, 4 months ago

    I've been to one of the regular free seminars that sam's company runs in st leaonards, sydney.They provide a bit of good sound education on property investment fundementals as well as introduce the company and to offer properties they have on thir books.I recommend going along to the seminars which are free and then to ask to attend one of the m…[Read more]

  • All tile shops have a product called various names but the one I used is Prebond, which I used in tiling over existing tiles in my bathroom floor and walls as well as two IP shower cubicles. Tiling floors can be tricky due to floor slopes, tiles can poke up too high. Just needs some planning in tile layout before you start.Abbruzzi

  • I have heard that there are clubs or just small groups of people who meet regularly to play the board game.I would be interested to play the game if there are any people interested in Sydney.Don't own the game myself but would be willing to join a group and bring a few beers, I live on North side.

  • Hi there Don,I attended the Property School after seeing Peter Koulizos speak at the Property and Investment Expo at Darling Harbour Sydney in 2007.I had a bit of equity in my apartment and had been intensively looking for an investment property and reading everything about the topic since October 2006. I had become accustomed to spending 2-3…[Read more]

  • Retiling can be done without the mess and hard work of knoking off the old tiles.As long as the existing tiles are sound, do what I've done to my home bathroom and to an ip shower recess and use Pre-bond and tile over the old tiles.

  • Hi there I don't know if Im "for' or 'against' in relation to this topic..But just got in at 11.30 back home in Sydney after flying up to Brisbane for the 4th weekend of renovating one of the flats in a duplex I have in inner city. Was nice to log on and read this topic with the various views.I think the initial topic is true in the sense that…[Read more]

  • Living in Sydney, I recently bought 2 ikea kitchens (cabinets only) and installed one kitchen in one of the flats in my duplex rental in Brisbane last weekend.Order of events went as follows:At final inspection before settlement of the property, I measured up my kitchen area and sketched a rough plan with location of doors, windows and serv…[Read more]

  • I'm just a novice to all this property investing game, but just though I'd put my 2 cents in by roughly itemising the 4k+ that I spent before arriving at a property investment deal that is surpassing my expecttions with regard to growth from outset and future growth due to property characteristics. Bought within my budget and am feeling…[Read more]

  •  Brilliant!! thanks for the advice Richard and Philip. So glad to see I have options.Philip, just a quick question. Will the broker think it is worth their while getting involved if the LOC facility is already set up?I'll try it out anyway. RegardsAbbruzzi

  • Richard,

    Thanks so much for your reply.

    Yes I intend to use all redrawn funds for Investment.

    So you are saying, there is no need to redraw the 50k before getting a LOC. Because I will incur interest anyway by it not contributing to pay off debt, wheather it is in homeloan or IP.

    I was thinking that in my situation I could just keep my…[Read more]

  • abbruzzi replied to the topic cashflowmortgage in the forum Finance 16 years ago

    Thanks David,

    Much apprieciated for your informed opinion.

    I look forward to any other advice but I get the feeling you have hit the nail on the head.



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