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My Secret That Paid For 260+ Property Deposits in 7 Years

Date: 12/01/2014

My Secret That Paid For 260+ Property Deposits in 7 Years

Back in 2001, my business partner and I were running our accounting practice and property investing company out of a concrete block garage up an alley way in Mont Albert.

The “office” was freezing cold in winter, boiling hot in summer.

derek gehl my secretBut at the time, literally every dollar we made from our accounting practice was being invested straight into property.

We were working anything up to 16 hour days – and when we weren’t up to our necks in other peoples’ tax returns, we’d drive to
Ballarat to pick up a paintbrush and do some renovations until late in the night.

All of our groceries, rent, and bills were paid out of our wives’ salaries – so lunch was often 2 minute noodles and broccoli.

Nothing was going to stop us from achieving our property investing ambitions…

But it really wasn’t fun. And I don’t think I’d recommend what we did is a good way to invest. It just wasn’t sustainable.

We Had To Find A “Smarter Way”…

When we learned about a strategy called “wraps” that allowed us to buy cheap houses on behalf of others – and take their First derek gehl find a smarter way Home Owners Grant as a deposit – things became easier.

It meant we were able to invest in a lot more houses a lot faster.

But we were still scrimping and saving, and eating 2 minute noodles with broccoli for lunch – and there were always problems getting loans, and funding shortfalls on deposits. And…

…This STILL Didn’t Get Us To 260 Properties!

Eventually I realised I needed more than just a smart strategy for property investing.

I needed a source of income that would give me more than an hourly rate, would grow over time, would help me fund property deposits, and would let me focus on investing full time while it ran itself.

That’s Where MY Mentor Helped Me

Derek Gehl my mentorBy using some clever strategies that Derek Gehl showed me, I was able to achieve all of this.

Suddenly I stopped earning an hourly rate as an accountant, and began doing work once and getting paid for it for years.

Suddenly, I had a business that ran on autopilot – one that grew and marketed itself, letting me focus on investing full time.

Suddenly, finance wasn’t a problem. Banks who I’d chased for loans were now chasing me, falling over themselves to lend me money after seeing my multiple streams of income.

And suddenly, I didn’t have to worry about how I would fund my next property purchase. I had a bank balance that kept growing every day – and every few months I’d have enough deposit money to invest in another batch of properties.

This Is Why I Want To Introduce You To Derek Gehl

interview with derek gehl

Derek Gehl (and his late business partner, Corey) are the ones who helped me develop this second source of income.

Over the years, I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on Derek’s courses, mentoring and flights to attend his training programs in Canada. And it was an investment that has repaid itself 100’s of times over.

That’s why I’m investing even more into Derek this year – not for myself, but for you.

I’ve asked Derek for a favour, and he’s agreed to let me hire him for a weekend, and fly him from Canada, just to present a special keynote and series of workshops on how to make your first (or next) $100,000 profit – in the same way I did.

Derek will be speaking alongside a dozen top speakers on property investing, finance and personal success at this year’s 3-Day Mega Conference in Melbourne.

Download My Interview With Derek, And Get 50% Off Conference Tickets

If you want to hear about the strategy Derek helped me with, we’ve recorded a brief 20-minute audio interview, outlining how Derek’s businesses work here.

It’s all about turning your knowledge and ideas into an income – like how one of Derek’s students now earns over $1m per year teaching bird owners how to stop their pet from biting and scratching.

After downloading the audio, if you’re interested in hearing Derek speak while he’s in Australia, I’ll also give you 50% off a seat to my 3-Day Mega Conference, and early access to get one of the final few tickets to the event.

derek gehl property investing mega conference
You can access these resources here.

(Please note: Only a small number of tickets to my conference can be sold, as the event is already 90% full – thanks to repeat attendees from previous years’ conferences, and members of my private Property Apprenticeship group.)

I hope you enjoy the audio – and if you do decide to join Derek Gehl, I hope that you take action to build a profitable source of property deposits like I did.



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By Steve McKnight

Steve McKnight, the founder of, is a respected property investing authority as well as Australia's #1 best-selling business author.

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