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From Steve McKnight
10am, Tuesday 22nd June 2021


Steve McKnight here – the guy who bought 130 Properties in 3.5 Years.

If you missed joining me for the inaugural property date night then all is not lost!

For a very small fee (and I mean small – see below), you can now purchase a recording and gain access to all the great information you missed out on receiving, including:

Answers To The Following Questions

Discover answers to these compelling questions:

  • Why are property prices rising in a worldwide pandemic?
  • How long will the boom last?
  • What is inflation and why does it matter?
  • How do low interest rates cause asset price bubbles?
  • How do low interest rates lead to debt traps?
  • How will small rises to interest rates cause big changes to property prices?

“I enjoyed the economic theory as it has given me a greater understanding of how the various factors of inflation, rent and property prices interact.”

Mini Market Update

Update on latest prices for capital cities

  • $ and % changes for the quarter
  • $ and % changes for the year
  • Analysis of risk and value for where’s hot, and where’s not
  • My 5-step process for what property to target

I enjoyed Steve’s careful and considered opinions backed by research on the Australian market.”

My Brand New Study Group

  • How it all works
  • Is this suitable for you?
  • How to get $1,085 of free bonus items

“You have the gift of analysis and being able to effectively communicate, provide useful insights and educate.”

Open Mic

  • Listen in as I answer topical questions

“There are always golden nuggets of wisdom I get every time”

Your Investment

What’s included here is approximately 90 minutes of important investor training, plus copies of the slides.

This training is valued at $295 (inc. GST), however I’m not asking you to pay that. Nor even a quarter of that. Here’s the proposal…

Pay just $19.95 for unlimited access, and I’ll use 100% of the profits to help fund a special project on my ‘change the world’ project at Bindi where I’m planting 300,000+ trees.

For context, that’s less than a cost of a movie ticket, and this information has the potential of helping you make, or save, tens of thousands of dollars.

This is a win-win proposition: you get great information and a leg up with your investing, and I get some more money to plant and nurture some more trees.

Sound fair? Great! Just proceed through the secure online checkout and you’ll receive an email on how to access the recording.  Plus you’ll get to feel good about helping to save the planet, one tree at a time.

“Always enjoy your approachable open style and demeanor.”

100% Money Back Guarantee

To give you comfort that the recording contains highly valuable information, I’m happy to provide you with a 100% money back guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase then just let us know within 72 hours of purchasing (email [email protected]) and we will happily refund everything you paid.

“This was a good presentation and provided good insight as to current market and what makes it tick as well as information to look out for that could significantly affect the housing/investment market.”

Special Bonus!

Plus, if you are one of the first 50 people to order the recording, you’re guaranteed to receive a handy bonus item – an Excel spreadsheet I created to help you to understand the impact of rising interest rates. Act now and this handy tool, valued at $29.95, will be yours absolutely free.

How To Take Advantage

Simple! Just select the “Add To Cart” button, and fill out your details in the form. If you have an account with us already, please ensure you login using the link below. If you don’t have an account, simply nominate a username and password below. Your recording access will be linked with your account.

Thanks for helping me change the world!

Steve McKnight



– Steve McKnight

P.S. If you have any questions you are welcome to email them to Romy: [email protected]

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