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Budgeting For Tiling Costs

Date: 12/01/2014

Budgeting For Tiling Costs

As many successful investors know, tiling costs including building and renovation strategies have the ability to make or break a real estate venture.

budgeting for tiling costs

While it is important to embark on a plan based on your vision of a finished product, you must take each individual component and give it your full attention to effectively budget your overall tiling costs.

The importance of choosing the right tiling strategy

Tiling is just one aspect of your property that can have an impact on the cost, durability and aesthetic appeal of your investment.

Choosing the right tiling strategy and allocating an appropriate budget can go a long way towards achieving the desired look and feel and attracting the ideal tenant or buyer.


Cost of tiles

Tiles can be very cheap or very expensive as they are sourced from an expansive variety of materials – including marble, granite, ceramic, stone and many others.

tiling costs and cost of tiles
Tiles can be all sizes from one inch to six feet. Bathroom tiles of course need special preparation, such as a waterproof underlay and special caulking and fillers. The grout can be any colour you want as well.

When compared to other flooring options, tiling costs can be quite affordable – especially if you do the installation yourself.

There is also the option of adding bathroom and kitchen backsplashes, which are very popular and can sell your property.


Can DIY cut tiling costs?

can diy cut tiling costsThe value of installing your own tiles can be measured in cost versus time in comparison to other options. As tiling is quite durable and attractive, the payoff can be one of the most rewarding tiling options – next to hardwood flooring. However, hardwood is very expensive to buy and install, making tiling the better choice in many instances.

The catch is that paying for tiling labour can be quite pricey as well, so DIY is likely your best bet if you are willing and able.

Renting or buying the tools – depending if it is a one-time gig or continuous strategy – will be necessary to get the job done effectively and efficiently. While tiling is a skill that many can learn and perfect, it is not foolproof.

In the beginning, you would most likely make mistakes and incur extra tiling costs. That said, getting the technique right the first time will help you to avoid any costly tiling mishaps, to give the best chance for reward.

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By Steve McKnight

Steve McKnight, the founder of, is a respected property investing authority as well as Australia's #1 best-selling business author.


  1. Newcastle Knight

    Handy article indeed, we just had our 3 bathrooms renovated in our PPOR and the 1st 2 bathrooms were no worries at all, however the 3rd bathroom was a little bit trickier for the tiler and did not come up as good as expected due to the tilers inexperience (I think) or lack of care.  After a lot of coaxing the builder contracted to the job has since fixed the unsightly area. Next time any renos are getting done it will be done by the only person I trust and that is me. At least that way I will take pride in what is done in my house and when I get there my investment properties, then there can only be blame put back on 1 person if I don't like it.

  2. Scott No Mates

    If you are going to do your own tiling, start with small areas like splashbacks so if you have a fail it is only a small area which you can always attempt to repair.

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